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A Personalized, Wellness-Oriented Approach to Treatment and Prevention of Heart Disease and Actively Managing Your Own Longevity 

Membership Benefits:


24/7 ACCESS to care

Members receive same-day priority no-rush appointments with extended visit times.  Your membership includes 24/7 access to a physician, including Dr. Kohli's personal cell phone number.

*billed to insurance


Cardiovascular Assessment

A personalized cardiovascular assessment which includes a comprehensive review of your medical history, risk factors, social history and genetic risk factors for heart disease.  As a member, you will also receive three wellness evaluations with Dr. Kohli and unlimited sick visits as needed*.

*billed to insurance


cardiovascular DIAGNOSTICS

No unnecessary testing. Comprehensive blood testing, including lipids, risk markers, and markers of inflammation to assess your risk of heart disease*. Advanced cardiac testing including annual echocardiogram (ultrasound to assess structure and function of heart), electrocardiograms (to assess electrical activity of the heart) at each visit are also included.

*billed to insurance


Nutritional counseling

Your membership includes an annual comprehensive evaluation followed by a personalized "nutritional prescription" developed our highly experienced and expert Registered Dietician and Wellness Coach to individualize a plan that is tailored to your medical conditions, preferences and tastes. And, we don't  give you a plan and forget about you. At your 6-month mark, you have another comprehensive evaluation followed by a new "nutritional prescription". That's four dietician visits a year!



Your membership includes extended office visits, home visits (if needed, additonal fee may apply) and same day appointments.



Dr. Kohli will coordinate your care with other specialists, as needed and she will be a liaison between you and other providers, in the clinic or in the hospital, so you don't have to worry, leaving time to just focus on your health.

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Stacy Beeson, RD

Registered Dietician and Wellness Coach for Cherry Creek Heart Cardiac Care Club

Stacy is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist and Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a focus on evidence-based, patient-centered medical nutrition therapy in cardiovascular health, diabetes, weight management and integrative wellness. Stacy graduated summa cum laude from the renown University of North Dakota Nutrition and Dietetics Program.  She utilizes the concepts of lifestyle medicine which involve a whole food, plant-based approach to healthy eating while addressing the whole person in mind, movement, balance and joy.  As a foundation for behavior change, Stacy takes a personalized approach to health and healing for all patients and has helped thousands of individuals thrive on their way to living their best life.  She is a strong believer in the power of healthy eating and positive mindset and she is passionate about empowering people to change.  With a personal love for health and outdoor living, she spends her spare time hiking, running, adventure travelling and camping in the Rocky Mountains with her family.