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“Dr. Kohli is an amazing doctor. She literally saved my life. After years of other doctors misdiagnosing my condition, Dr. Kohli did the correct tests and found I have a rare disease called Fibromuscular Dysplasia. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard medical school and is a very competent and caring doctor. I’ve never had to wait for her appointments, but I would, because nothing is better than excellent medical care, and that’s what you get with Doctor Kohli."

Dana K.

“Before my visit, I looked up Dr. Kohli's background and was very impressed by her education. I didn't know what to expect in person, and I found her to be *very* engaging. She answered every question I had including clearing up some things I didn't understand about the medication I was recommended to take. Coming from a scientific/engineering I asked her some detailed questions and she answered with knowledge and detail that helped me feel confident in what was recommended. Usually with doctor's visits I feel like a clock is ticking and my time is about to be up on the visit any moment. With Dr. Kohli, I felt that if I had any more questions to ask she would have had the time to answered them. Although she is switching healthcare systems, I am watching to see if she will remain an option with my current insurance and, if she does, I will be switching to her practice since she is still in the Denver area."

Kevin M.

“I feel she cares for my health in a professional & personal manner. She is knowledgable and diligent"

Patient L.B.

“It was very informative. I felt like Dr. Kohli really cared about me & how I was feeling."

Patient J.M.

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